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Anne Alyse Ostis HeadshotWhether it’s in person in her Northern California offices, or on the phone with a client in Maine, Anne Alyse Ostis has helped countless people renew their health and revitalize their natural energy.

She uses her intuitive ability to see blockages in the physical body. These blockages may consist of held belief systems, emotions, past experiences or deep family lineages that hinder the free flow of chi (Qi) in your body. Sometimes the feeling is subtle. However, once released, patients often experience a feeling of lightness and clarity.

Anne Alyse Sheds Light on Her Approach

“As individuals, sometimes we can’t explain what we feel. It’s a feeling deep down, and it is often a culmination of many things we can’t put into words. This includes influences from our DNA, family messages, family programming and even what we unconsciously think about. It is often our belief systems that keep us stuck,” Anne Alyse said.

“When meeting with a client, sometimes what I see is dark and murky—and I just clear it. During other times, information comes up and I’ll help bring this information to a cognitive level. I’ll help the person be aware of what this is, so that person can decide what to do with it—whether they can let go of it, or they need to understand it better,” she adds.

Sessions Result in Newfound Clarity 

Once a patient sees Anne Alyse, the individual often feels lighter, freer and more peaceful. According to Anne Alyse, this is the value of working from the inside out. Depending on the person, Anne Alyse may provide additional guidelines so the individual can continue making the most of their newfound clarity. For example, she may give that individual a topic to focus on, so one can easily enforce the work that has already been done.

Bringing the Knowledge Together | An Eastern & Western Education

Anne Alyse Ostis has received extensive  education from leading universities and practices including:

• BA in Sociology and Minor in Pyschology at the University of California, Santa Barbara

• Reiki Master

• Ayurvedic Study program at The Evergreen Herb Farm in Placerville, CA

• Licensed Chinese Medicine Practitioner/Acupuncturist, graduating from Five Branches University

• Classical Five Elements Acupuncture

Anne Alyse is also a teacher of energy medicine and is licensed by the State of CA.


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