The Ostis Method of Intuitive Healing

Free up the Vitality and Energy in Your Body.


Anne Alyse Ostis HeadshotIntuitive energy healer Anne Alyse Ostis of Los Gatos and Grass Valley in northern California has created a powerful approach to healing that combines intuitive insight with energy release, “The Ostis Method of Intuitive Healing”.

This unique healing combination helps clear emotional blockages that hinder the flow of energy through the body.

Ev Examples:If someone over gives, they may feel angry and resentful towards the people they are giving to. Often, giving inappropriately makes us feel a depletion of our vital energy.  • Not taking the time to stop and see if you have the time to give, (An example Giving unconsciously if when we don’t check in with ourselves to see if we have the time and energy for the task)We almost always project what we feel about ourselves onto what we think people think about us. And so, when we get to the root of where our thoughts come from, and we take responsbilith of  really understanding of what we really think of our selves is projected in the world… When I unravel it into where the source came from, then I’m able to clear it. 

INTUITIVE HEALING can help with:

Many ailments that are related to emotional feelings: stress, anxiety, worry, depression, —because our mind and body are integrated.

Back pain,
Shoulder Tension
Neck pain,

Convenient At-Home Sessions offered by Phone

The Ostis Method session can be done from the comfort of your own home.  Anne Alyse conducts each one-hour session over the phone, which saves you travelling time, and allows you to relax and focus on the intuitive healing experience.

Learn About Your Energy Patterns 
Your intuitive healing session will help you to awaken to a deeper connection and cognitive understanding of your held energy patterns.

Chinese Energy Methodologies Help Unblock Energies

These energy patterns appear as congested areas in the body which can manifest as physical or emotional pain. Anne Alyse utilizes her knowledge of Chinese Medical channel theory to help you to clear blockages in your channels, communicating with you as she goes. According to Chinese Medicine “Where there is blockage there is pain and when there is pain, there is blockage”. As she opens the channels of Chi (Qi) energy flow through the meridians of your body, she enables you to release physical and emotional pain—all of which can positively affect your medical conditions.

Awareness Achieved

Through the power of intuition and self-awareness, you become aware of your own deep connections to these areas where your natural flow has been hindered.

Anne Alyse provides the space for you to integrate a deeper cognitive understanding of how you sequester and free up energy in your own body.

By reading and clearing energy blockages in your body, you feel a sense of ease and lightness as physical and/or emotional pain releases from your body. You leave the session with a renewed sense of self, feeling clear in mind, body and spirit.

Discover the Power of Intuitive Healing

See how the Ostis Method of Intuitive Healing can help release blocked energy, alleviate pain and increase your overall health and wellness. Make an appointment with a leading intuitive energy healer, Anne Alyse Ostis, today.

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